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Well, does the color rule work...

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that is in the MS training on Vista
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John R
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"Jan" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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> that is in the MS training on Vista

Yes, colors and rules both work in Vista.

Blue = Watery stuff, like the fluid movement of tcp/ip packets through a
Red = Baaaaaad. Your third grade teacher always used red to circle the
errors in your script files.
White = Pure. Like my sister before she learned how hard drives actually
Green = Payola. That's why there are so many different Vista versions.
Purple = ... well we all know the rumors about Barney the dinosaur and the
"networks" he designed.
Gray = Complacency. Like when you are expecting that 5% raise and only get
2.2% and you don't complain.
Yellow = Caution. This keeps you from really doing what you want to do on
your boss' desk after he told the customer that "HE" fixed the latency in
their network.
Brown = ... That stuff you have to take all day. You know, it rhymes with
slit, (which reminds you of your boss' throat).

As to rules, you are coming to a sad realization about your life in IT.
Accept or Deny?

John R

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