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Roderick Vosburgh - an excercise in creative news

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Hello gentlemen (and possibly ladies),

found this thread by browsing through the internet and reading up on this Vosburgh guy.

I would just like to say that there are some ISPs that utilize shared IP addressing, or as its more commonly known, NAT.

whether this fellow's ISP does remains to be seen, but yes, it is possible for two totally different customers to have the exact same {external} ip address.

This is most common on dial up connections such as AOL there are a few cellular providers that I know of that NAT their customers. Its pretty common practice too for Satellite companies to NAT their customers as well.

a few links for you to read

I'd like to know how my server then gets a request from, how
it would know WHICH to send it to.

I don't expect an answer. As usual, when you're proven wrong, you
simply don't reply.
well lets hope you don't follow his example, and instead of not replying that you would reply with an apology

Remember kids, arguing over the internet is like .....well you know the rest

hope that helps clear up some of the confusion

good day
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