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Using Ajax in existing JSF application

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Hello Friends,

This is my jsp code in which i've added Ajax code. I am not able to call method from controllerBean. How i can do that. plz do some needful.

<hutputLabel for="providerSearch"
value="#{tpenrmsg['label-tpappmnt-search-searchBy']}" />
<m:br />
<h:selectOneMenu id="providerSearch"
value="#{tradingPartnerDataBean.searchCriteriaVO.p rimarySearchType}">
value="#{tradingPartnerDataBean.providerSearchList }"/>
<hx:behavior event="onchange" target="providerSearch"
behaviorAction="get" targetAction="group1"></hx:behavior>
<m:br />
<h:message for="providerSearch" styleClass="errorMessage" />
<hanelGroup id="group1" styleClass="panelGroup">
<m:div rendered="#{tradingPartnerDataBean.nameFilterSecti on}">
<h:selectOneRadio id="forLastName"
value="#{tradingPartnerDataBean.searchCriteriaVO.n ameFilter}">
<f:selectItem itemValue="Starts with"
itemLabel="#{tpenrmsg['label-tpappmnt-search-startsWith']}" />
<f:selectItem itemValue="Contains"
itemLabel="#{tpenrmsg['label-tpappmnt-search-contains']}" />
<hx:ajaxRefreshRequest id="ajaxRefreshRequest1" target="group1" params="providerSearch">
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