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Creating custom formatter function

Garrett Cooper
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Hello Python folks,
I have a function where I'd like to prefix a format string via a
`prefix' string. The definition of the base method is as follows:

def print_message(prefix, out_stream, fmt, *args, **kwargs):
""" Print out [prefix]: [message] """

message = fmt

if 0 < len(kwargs.keys()):
message = message % kwargs

if 0 < len(args):
message = message % args

out_stream.write(message + "\n")

My python 2.4.5 interpreter fails at `message % args' claiming the

File "", line 10, in print_message
message = message % (args)
TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting

Thus I was wondering what the proper means was for formatting
strings. I'm new to this portion of Python, so I obviously didn't
apply the right syntax.
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Alan G Isaac
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On 2/16/2009 6:50 AM Garrett Cooper apparently wrote:
> I was wondering what the proper means was for formatting
> strings.

As for the last: "values must be a tuple with exactly the number
of items specified by the format string, or a single mapping
object (for example, a dictionary)" unless you need only a
single argument in your format string.

Alan Isaac
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