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Re: Bulleted lists, Symbol font and PDFs

Mike Dee
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On Tue, 10 Feb 2009 08:31:37 +1300, Steve B. wrote:

> A curiousity, possibly to do with the frequently irritating PDF format
> [yes, I appreciate that's a tautology, like "PIN number" - and that I
> might irritate some people who actually LIKE pdfs.]
> Anyway, I was reading a PDF document which contained a bullet-point list
> (the classic black blobs). I copied one of the points in the list,
> inadvertently including the bullet, and pasted it into a Microsoft Word
> document.
> I then went to put text of my own around the quote and it came out in
> pseudo-Greek.
> I realised the black dot is part of the Symbol font and that font setting
> held for the text I was inserting.
> Easily fixed, but it's an error I've not seen before.

If you use Acrobat to view the PDF, look at its Document Properties to
find out what program (and OS) was actually used in preparing the document
before it was turned into a PDF. The difference may be caused by using
different character sets (of the the same font family) than what you have
installed on your pc.

For example, to create a bullet character on a Mac, you type "Option + 8"
(Mac Option key = Alt key in Windows), in Windows traditionally it has
been "Alt+0149" to get a bullet, although I think in some cases (esp. if
using Adobe's software), "Alt+8" will work in Windows too.

I have also read that there may be unicode issues in versions of Word that
are causing the bullets not to appear as they should in Word when copying
text in from other documents. Type "word unicode bullets windows"
(without the quote-marks) into Google and see what you get.


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