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Re: Encoding/Encryption

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"sugaree" <sugaree@just don'ttellthemyouknowme> wrote in
news:(E-Mail Removed) :

> Recently, when someone emails me a message with an
> attachment, such as a music download, the message
> starts with "begin 666" then the whole message is
> encrypted. I'm usuing MS IE SP6, and I'm using
> Gmail. Can anyone help explain why this happens and
> what I can do to fix it? Thanks anybody

The following may contain errors, but it should get you on the
/some/ track, I will doubtlessly be corrected.

"Begin 666" (or 664 or IIRC 662) indicates a regular uue (AOT
yEnc or encrypted) Usenet post.= or non-text email attachment.

Do all the lines start with M? I believe that indicates the
sender, in their ignorance, used MIME.

If so, you need a mime decoder, since your newsreader/email
program doesn't decode it automatically.

One's called mpack, there are others. A REALLY good file manager
(NOT Windows Explorer) might be able to decode the image as

Corrections appreciated, as I have had varying luck with those
M-starting posts myself.

"Who knows what the OP is talking about?"
(about thanatoid)
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