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Re: Firefox and Facebook

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mrzac wrote:
> Hi guys, very often Firefox 2.0.0.x freezes for some minutes and it
> happens always with the same sites like Facebook and some other, with
> the most part of the sites it doesn't happen. When it freezes it's
> like all the sites I want to visit aren't available (Firefox says
> it's awaiting response from the site) and I cannot browse the web
> with Firefox until the problem is solved. Ping via console work and
> also MS Internet Explorer. If I restart firefox the problem goes
> away.
> Is this a problem of my Firefox installation or it happens also to
> many other people (so the problem could be on the source code of
> those internet sites)?
> I'm using Firefox under Windows XP Sp3 on a Asus A7V with
> AMD Thunderbird 800 mhz and 512MB RAM.

This problem happens also with other internet sites that take long to
render correctly.
I've found a possible solution to the problem: switching to "work
offline" and then restoring firefox to work online resumes the
loading/rendering of the pages. It's like some stalled connections are
trashed and then restored or recovered.
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