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C#.NET WebServices

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Hi all:

This is Anindya. This is my first post in this forum and I am new to the world of WebServices( .NET ). I have got few queries.

1. I am trying to implement a webservice that returns DataSet. It's being implemented in IIS and the name of the file is service.asmx. I can see It's being implemented properly through the browser ( localhost/GISMOWS1/Service.asmx )

I have also created another website that acts as a client to the above mentioned webservice. In the Default.aspx, I have added a webreference to the above mentioned WebService. I am getting the following error :

Error 1 Cannot implicitly convert type 'string' to 'System.Data.DataSet' C:\BUOS\GISMOSQ\Default.aspx.cs 26 22 C:\BUOS\GISMOSQ\

When I am writing the following code :

localhost.Service ls = new localhost.Service();
DataSet ds = ls.Geocode("BUOS","l") ----> at this line.

The function Geocode actually returns a DataSet and is within Service.asmx.

2. I have got another method Geocode2(String service, String description) within Service.asmx that returns a String. I am actually construction a XML string eg. String s = <Locations><Location>Australia</Location><Location>China</Location></Locations> and then returning S.

Now my page Default.aspx ( the Webservice client ) has got a TextBox named txtResult. So whenever the page is loading I am issuing the following code :

txtResult.Text = ls.Geocode2("Hi", "Hello");

So I expect to see the XML string within the text box. However I cant see anything and the txtResult is empty!!!!

These might be very basic questions. But as mentioned, I am very new to WebServices world and any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and regards,
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