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Re: DS3 routers

Doug McIntyre
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FortuneCookie <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
>I am searching for a low-end router (Cisco or 3rd-party) that has DS3/T3
>interface and can push full bandwidth. QoS is a big plus. You

You don't say what kind of DS3 (which matters), assuming you are doing
a clear-channel DS3, and want full bandwidth, Cisco says the 3825 or 3845 is
the smallest you can get for full bandwidth with the NM-1T3/E3 card.
Maybe a 2821 with the same card will get you where you need, but cisco
claims only subrate DS3 with that router, even if the specs say it
should be able to push the traffic.

Picking up a used 7200 with the appropriate card from a cisco reseller
would get you something that can do alot more though for less bucks.
Cisco 7200's are all over the place, and can be very cheap.

Its not a big market. Your primary other choice new would be a Juniper
J4350 with the DS3 PIM. Pretty comparable in price to cisco 3800 solution.

Both Cisco and Juniper would do just fine for driving it, as long as
you get enough processor to handle it. Plenty of QoS options.
These are the low-end solutions from either of them. (ie. starting in
the $12k-$13k range).

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Doug McIntyre
Posts: n/a
FortuneCookie <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
>Thanks. I saw a Tasman 4100 Router with T3 Single Port DS3 on eBay.
>Wonder if that will work for a clear T3. Any idea?

For the same price that auction has, you could buy a Cisco 7206 NPE-200
and a PA-T3 on eBay.

I know that would work..

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