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Type of led_ce is incompatible with type of AND

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This must be simple, but I am not getting a solution to this so easily.

I get this error message for the following code
signal addr :std_logic_vector (4 downto 0);
signal led_ce :std_logic;

process (rd_wrn, csn, led_data, addr)
oen <= (rd_wrn NAND (NOT csn));
led_ce <= (csn = '0') AND (rd_wrn = '0') AND (addr = "00000");

led(2) <= (NOT led_data(2));
led(1) <= (NOT led_data(1));
led(0) <= (NOT led_data(0));
end process;

My error reads as follows

Type of led_ce is incompatible with type of AND

I am not sure what the solution is.......I know that the address is 5 bits wide while my csn (chip select) and readwriteenable are sincel bit signals. Maybe this has something to do with the error.

If you know a way to solve this, please let me know....Thanks!!!!!
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