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Re: Converting Vista to XP system

Beauregard T. Shagnasty
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Northern Raider wrote:

> Hi does anyone have any advice or guidance in relating to converting
> my nrew laptop from Vista which just wont work and is junk, to the
> more reliable ( slightly) and more user friendly XP system.

How much RAM does this laptop have? Were you fooled into buying one
with, say, 512MB? That's normally not enough for Vista. If that is the
reason, I'd say go ahead and consider dropping back to XP.

> we bought a lap top last week and absoltely dispare at the 100 % junk
> operating program, dasft things like no Outbox in the mail systemn,.
> no clearly defined Delete button, no list of contacts down the side
> of the page etc etc etc.

I'll agree with the advice to install another email client. Thunderbird
is oft-recommended, and during installation, should offer to import all
your settings and mail from your MS client.

> Is it possible and affordable to change the system to XP ?

Other than the mail client, is it just the desktop interface you don't
like? Before installing another OS, switch from the foofoorah cartoon
interface to the Classic interface first.

-Friends don't let friends drive Windows
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