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Custom HTTP Module help

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I am trying to create a custom HTTP module implementing
the IHttpModule interface. 1 event handler in the module
does not get passed the HttpApplication as an argument
when it is called. I need to Response.Redirect the user
after this event has taken place and I can not find a way
to access the Response object.
I have tried setting a class member variable equal to
the httpapplication object in the init method and also I
have tried creating a new HttpApplication() object but
neither seems to have any effect. Does anyone please have
any suggestions? Here are the two things I have tried:

private HttpApplication currentContext;//set in init()

public void CmsPosting_Approved( Object sender,
ChangedEventArgs e )
//not working


public void CmsPosting_Approved( Object sender,
ChangedEventArgs e )
HttpApplication app = new HttpApplication();
//not working

The (PostingEvents)sender and (ChangedEventArgs)e object
don't contain any usefull methods or properties.

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