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Re: Firefox desn't save the config. help!

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      01-16-2009 Removed) wrote:
> Hi, I like to use Firefox with a different configuration.
> But if I go to "Rete/Connessione/Impostazioni/Configurazione
> manuale del Proxy" page and I use a proxy, then if I shut Firefox,
> when I open it again, Firefox has lost its config.
> Why do I have this problem? Perhaps do I jump some steps?
> thanks for your suggestions.

This is what I can determine with some simple experiments.

Firefox uses the prefs.js file to store settings. The file
is stored in the folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\<name>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<number>.default

If you open Firefox, put the cursor where you type the URL, and enter


that gives access to individual preferences. The filter bar
at the top of the page, allows narrowing down the settings
you want to work on. You could try typing "proxy" for example,
in the Filter bar. Items in bold print, are preferences which
no longer have the default value. Only the items in bold print
are actually stored in prefs.js. So when a value is changed from the
default, then Firefox stores the new, non-default value
in the prefs.js .

It could be that the permissions on your prefs.js file are
not allowing the file to be written. There is no particular
reason why accessing prefs.js via "about:config" is going
to have any different result than using
"Rete/Connessione/Impostazioni/Configurazione manuale del Proxy".

Good luck,
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Posts: n/a
(E-Mail Removed) wrote:
> It is intersting what you have just told me. But I don't undertand
> what I have to do to solve my problem.
> thanks

OK. Find the "prefs.js" file. Record the date and time it was last
changed. Now, enter Firefox, and change your proxy settings. Quit
Firefox. Now, refresh the display of the folder containing "prefs.js".
Is the date and time the same as it was previously ? If it is, then
the results of your proxy setting change are not being stored in the

I cannot provide answers for why this would fail to work.
But, in order for the proxy setting to be preserved, as
far as I know, it has to be stored in the prefs.js file.
If the date and time on the prefs.js file is not
changing, then the file is not being saved. Write
permissions to the file would be one reason. Your user
ID must have permission to write to that file. You
can right click on the file, do "Properties" and
check to see if it is write protected or not.


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