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Erratic Fan Speed - XP Freeze

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WinXP freezes within a couple of minutes after boot up. Big fan on
processor spins at 3,600 rpm and then revs up to 4,600 rpm... CPU
(Pentium D 2.66 Ghz) temp remains at 68-69C. What is causing the fan
to rev up and down so much non-stop. And if the CPU temps are normal,
why is Windows freezing?
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I appear to have the same problem.
Several minutes after booting the machine, fan speed cranks up, and Windows XP freezes.
Appears to be hastened if I'm doing something RAM intensive, like running iTunes or a virus scan.
I've opened up my desktop and cleaned out a fan that was indeed clogged with lots of dust! But problem persists now after 2 more reboots.

Before buying a new computer, did you find a solution!!!??
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