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Re: xp pro installation on thinkpad setupp.ini issue

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Find another corporate product key from the Internet and use that.
After doing an update, Windows XP will tell you that the product key
is not valid (black listed) and will allow you to change the product
key to the one that is listed on your friends computer. After
changing the product key, it will automatically activate and you will
now have a valid install of XP.

On Sat, 16 Aug 2008 20:41:00 -0400, Drew <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>That's what I thought Barry. I thought I could basically copy off the
>XP Pro vol license cd to my hard drive, edit setupp.ini and change the
>pid to a code that indicates an OEM, and then burn a new bootable CD
>with all XP files including the altered setupp.ini
>My understanding was that this setupp.ini controls whether the XP cd
>thinks it is OEM, retail, or a volume license cd (thus whether it will
>do upgrades and full installs) and the type of key that it will
>Must be something else to it that I'm missing...
>On Sat, 16 Aug 2008 20:28:09 -0400, Barry Watzman
><(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>>It should not be that difficult to find an OEM CD. [In fact, they are
>>still being sold ... about $130 .... will be available until next
>>January, but I understand that since you have the COA and product key,
>>you really don't want to buy a whole new license]. In general, usually,
>>any OEM CD will work.
>>Drew wrote:
>>> Hi All:
>>> I have a friend's IBM Thinkpad T42 notebook in which the hard drive
>>> completely died.
>>> I have installed a new hard drive and am now ready to load Windows XP
>>> back onto the machine. On the underside of the notebook, there is a
>>> COA label that says Windows XP Professional 1-2 CPU and then IBM
>>> Corporation underneath that followed the the product key which I can
>>> read perfectly.
>>> The problem is that my friend does not have the Windows XP or recovery
>>> CD that came with this notebook. In fact, my friend purchased the
>>> notebook thru her college bookstore about 5 years ago and says she
>>> does not remember getting a Windows XP Professional CD or even a
>>> recovery CD of anykind. In any case, if she did, she no longer has
>>> it.
>>> I was attempting to take a Windows XP volume license CD from my
>>> workplace and use it to install with my friend's product key. Of
>>> course, that doesn't work so I have been messing around with
>>> setupp.ini and the pid value. Its my understanding that this is okay
>>> to do and that I should be able to change the PID key in this file to
>>> an OEM value instead of a volume license and that should then allow
>>> the product id key to be validated properly.
>>> Is this okay to do?
>>> The values for PID that I have tried for which non have worked are:
>>> pid =
>>> 82503OEM
>>> 51883OEM
>>> 55274OEM
>>> I found these by googling around a bit and I was sure that 82503OEM
>>> would do it as this appears to be the Generic OEM pid value. No dice
>>> though.
>>> I'm sure I need an OEM pid as the COA says IBM on it.
>>> Anyone have any idea what I should use for the PID?
>>> Or should I not even be trying to reload it this way? Again, I am not
>>> and will not use the corporate license key for this as I know that is
>>> not legal. I've got a valid key, just not quite the right media with
>>> the right PID.....
>>> Any help is appreciated!
>>> Drew

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