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Re: Iguana iguana

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Wow! What kind of substances is this person on?
I need information on the Blue Iguana.

On 06 Oct 2007 02:58:22 GMT, Alan Truism <(E-Mail Removed)>

>[ ]
>The green iguana (Iguana iguana) is a large, arboreal lizard from Central
>and South America. The green iguana is found over a large geographic area,
>from Mexico to southern Brazil and Paraguay, as well as on the Caribbean
>Islands and Florida (populations are feral). They are typically about 1.5m
>in length from head to tail, and only very few specimens reach a length of
>more than 2m (6 feet)and can weigh up to 20+ pounds (10 kg).
>Some green iguanas have small horns on their snouts between their eyes and
>their nostrils, while others do not. Naturalists once classified green
>iguanas with horns and those without as belonging to different subspecies;
>however, they now consider this classification inaccurate.
>[ ]

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