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PC freezes up randomly

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On Tue, 14 Aug 2007 12:48:14 -0700, walterbyrd wrote:

> Seven year old 900mhz AMD system. 512mb RAM. PS replaced not too long
> ago. Sometimes it will go 10 hours without freezing, other times it
> won't go 10 minutes. Ambient temperature seems to have nothing to do
> with it.
> I tried running it from a knoppix cdrom, but it still froze up. So, I
> think it must be hardware related. Can not be a virus or anything.
> I tried swapping out the memory with memory I know to be good. That
> didn't help either.
> What should I try next?

I once had a system that had freezes. I spoke with the dealer I purchased
the motherboard from and he kept telling me it was a problem with my
Windows98 installation (it was awhile ago). While at first the freezes
appeared to be random, I began linking them to specific activity with the
computer. Scanning with a USB scanner was one major problem. I added more
memory at one point and the freezes stopped completely. So, it was either
not enough RAM or maybe some bad RAM that was helped by adding more. I
never did do any RAM testing on that system, but I did go on to use the
same RAM in other systems with no ill effect.

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