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Re: Re Freezing Bios screen

Bill Eitner
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johan jansen wrote:
> Hi Everybody ,
> I trying to fix a friends computer where their bios screen freeze
> interminatly and very infrequently .


> I have so far tested the output of the power supply which all checks out
> with a multimeter .

If it was the power supply the freezing wouldn't
be limited to the bios. In fact most of the freezing
would be during the time when the operating system is
in control.

> I have run a software test on the ram memory no errors shown but will
> try and swap them around to see if it makes any difference.
> I have also checked to make sure their is no overheating on the system .
> Could anybody else suggest any other likely causes ? I am thinking is
> could be the motherboard itself hope I am wrong.

Try removing and replacing the bios/cmos chip.
That action will clean the connections.
Heating and cooling cycles can loosen socketed chips.
Also, while the chip is out, blow out any dust and
visually inspect the chip legs and socket connections.

> Thanks in advance

Good luck.
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