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Best Technique

Jim Heavey
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I am wanting to create a data screen using the datagrid.
Perhaps the datagrid is not the best choice for this
particular project, but I and wanting to try to use the
datagrid so I can learn how to use the datagrid for
editing data rather then just displaying it.

Suppose my entry needs are as follows:

Title Movie Rating Movie Category

There is a table which has the list of valid ratings and
a table which has the list of valid Movie Categories. I
am guessing that I want to use a DropDown List for both
Movie Rating and Movie Category. I could create a table
which combines both Movie Rating and Movie Category into
a single table such that I could bind each of the
DropdownList to the same datasource, but There might be 5
ratings and 10 categories, so I don't thing this would be

Can I use one of the data grid events and bind each
DropdownList to it's particular table? Is that a way I
can get around the "single datasource" for a datagrid

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Thanks in advance for your assistance!!!!
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