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Re: Faulty PC power button

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spray alcohol into the switch and push it in and out, unplug the computer of
course. Do this a couple times and it should get it. I do this with
microswitches on printers and copiers all the time and it works about 80% of
the time. Make sure you let it dry good before you use it. It evaporates
really quickly so a minute or two is more than enough.

"Dave Hardenbrook" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:3FKLf.3371$(E-Mail Removed)
> One of my clients has a PC with a power button that sticks, so that when
> you push it in to power up, it sticks in the "pushed in" position, so
> that after a couple of seconds it sends a power-off signal and shuts the
> system down, even before the POST completes.
> The short-term solution is to pull the button back up with the
> fingernails before the system shuts itself down, but this is to say the
> least awkward. It there a way to clear out whatever gunk might be
> trapped in there and making the button stick, or is the only practicable
> remedy to transfer the whole system into a new chassis? (Which wouldn't
> be a big tragedy as the current case is one of the cheap, flakey,
> flesh-cutting variety.)
> --
> Dave

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