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Re: passed A+ core hardware

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Congrats on passing. My head has also been done in with revision, having
passed A+ a week ago now. A good long break from the studying now I think...

"Mark" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:MMoJf.31018$(E-Mail Removed)...
> went to newark this morning and scored 801 , well pleased .... there were
> a few lucky guesses in there i feel ..
> on to software now ...... then maybe n+ or s+ ... we will see as the
> revision does my head in
> interesting that the centre gave me proof of my score , something to place
> at the back of my certificate if and when i get it post software ..

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On 18/02/06, Mark wrote:

> hi linda / ww
> looking at taking OS end of april ... maybe sooner , then maybe n+ ... but
> ip / subnet mask / osi layer really hurts .....

Oh yes! Osi layer is tricky but like everything else, if you keep plodding
away, most things suddenly come clear.
> my employer will cover one exam in a financial year so OS is going to have
> to be in april at the very least although im not looking forward to the
> revision ... i would just try and blag OS but i couldnt face telling
> everyone that id failed it .... or walking down to reception in the test
> centre and looking like a failure
> strange isnt it , so that means getting the books out again for me ..... its
> only the last week that really does your head in i find .... has anyone got
> any unusual revision techniques by the way .
> i go running with a chart to learn .... all the kids in my neighbourhood all
> laugh at me .... ha

Well, I avoid running if at all possible ) So, my memorising time is
more when I'm cooking (post it notes stuck over the work tiles in kitchen),
in the bath, revision chart propped behind the taps, in the car... getting
my daughter to test me. Whatever works for each person, it is the keep
going back to it again and again until you finally realise you know it.
Strangely, with the hardware revision, I found the IRQs really easy to
learn and can still recite it easily, I don't think I'll ever forget those,
while other, seemingly more simple things, just seemed to fall out of my
brain the second I read them!
Good luck to *all* who are currently revising for exams... you'll get
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Nick zak
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Hello folks,

got a question...what's the best way to go about training and getting
certified a+ ? online courses (interactive cd roms) really do the
trick ?


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