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Re: Antivirus software for techs

John P. Dearing
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Pinto wrote:
> I'm confused about anti-virus software that a tech can take to a site and
> use. Many of the antivirus programs state it can be used on a couple of
> pc's.
> What antivirus programs can be put on someone's computer for scanning?

Something for you to think about.....

What about somethuing that does all that and so much more..

Take a look at Ultimate Boot Disk for Windows.

It's based on BartPE and has a bunch of special utilities that are run
from the CD (as well as XP). It's the ultimate system utility. Since you
are running from the CD there are things that it can help you fix that
would be nearly impossible if the O/S on that hard driver were running.

I made a couple of them and use them all the time now on particularly
troublesome systems. One system was so unstable (from
viruses/trojans/malware that it took about 10 minutes to boot and then
was highly unstable after that.

I used UBCD4Win to get the system stable enough to invoke the failsafe
restore. I then reapplied the system updates and all was well.

Probably the best tool I've come across in a long time.

John P. Dearing
A+, Network+, Server+
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