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Re: Numbers and more numbers...

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Make flash cards. I made a card for each type of chip (Pentium, Pentium II,
Pentium III, Athlon, etc.) and tried to organize each card so that the
same/similar information was consistent. If something was special about
that processor I'd put it at the bottom. You can study them, quiz yourself
with them, or have someone quiz you. Flash cards are great for committing
something to memory short term, and they're handy to have around if you ever
need to go back and reference something.


"Dave Hardenbrook" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:2rMjf.3285$(E-Mail Removed)
> There's one aspect of studying for A+ that I'm really struggling with,
> namely dealing with questions like, "What is the FSB speed of a
> Pentium II?" or "What is the I/O Address of the Primary IDE?" In other
> words, NUMBERS questions!
> I've never been good at memorizing numbers -- It took until junior high
> for me to learn the multiplication tables, and I never could remember
> what year the Battle of Hastings was! So how am I supposed to memorize
> all these Bus speeds, IRQs, DMAs, I/O addresses, etc., etc.?
> Can anyone offer any advice/suggestions? I would really like to manage
> to get certified sometime this century.
> --
> Dave

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