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Re: Dial-up Modem Question

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> What's the story on using dial-up modems over a VoIP phone line? What
> should one reasonably expect?
> b ,u89
> [also, does anyone have any free "modem test numbers", numbers that you
> can call just to test a modem?]


1) Did these modems EVER work, anywhere, at any time? Yes, eleven seems too
many to be a coincidence, but stranger things have happened...

2) Did you try putting one of those "filters" between the modem and the
connection? Y' know, the ones that Verizon sends with their DLS packages?
A week ago, I was having trouble connecting a modem through my Verizon DSL
connection, it actully screwed up my entire connection, I had to call tech
sup and they had me do a bunch of stuff, but basically, I think that I had
to reboot the computer, and the cable modem, and reset the cable modem,
before I was back online. During the support session, the tech told me that
it's possible to go dial-up through DSL if you've got a filter on. Haven't
actually tried it since, but it kinda makes sense.

3) Did you try Hyper Terminal? That may or may not do anything for you over
a hi-speed line, but at least you might have a better idea if your
individual modems are working.

Best wishes,


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