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DLLs - where do I get them from

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smackedass wrote:
> And, I don't know what would be a "more appropriate group" (your 2 cents,
> Linker? Don't spend it if ya ain't got it)

OK, I'll bite:


Anyway, I'm not really bugged by the whole thing it's just that the name
on the door here is A+ Certification and not 'where can I get a good
motherbaord' or 'help me find a dll'.

I KNOW that A+ guys can answer these questions so they should hang out
in the relevant OTHER groups rather than encouraging everyone to cram
(pun not intended) in here.
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Paul in Australia wrote:

> And if there is a better newsgroup for these sorts of questions, tell me and
> I'll gladly fckoffski!
> ? ?
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