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Re: Drive failure?

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Did you check the connections on the HD? I had a similar thing happen with
a friend's computer recently and it turned out the IDE cable wasn't seated
all the way in. If you find the connections are secure, I would try
swapping drives as my next step.

"LadyTech" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Had a neighbor call me today with a problem. She's still using Win98
> (Dell computer) and all she was doing was playing Solitare - during
> the game the computer locked up and then she got a BSOD saying "write
> disk error" press any key to continue - Well, she waited for me to
> come over and when I pressed the key to continue all I got was the
> busy hour glass, the cursor and a few squares of the screen,
> everything else was black. I tried the 3 finger salute - nothing. I
> knew it was locked up anyway, so I hit the reset button. When the
> screen and the computer came back on the Dell screen came up and sat
> there for awhile and then no boot into Windows, just a dos screen
> that said "No Boot Drive" hit F1 to reboot or F2 to enter the Setup.
> Each time I tried rebooting the computer I'd get 2 beeps and then the
> "No Boot Drive". I booted with a boot disk and still the same. So I
> ran Scandisk from the boot disk and it told me there were no errors
> found on Drive C. I then ran Scandisk in dos and still no errors
> found! I then went into the BIOS and no Drive C was there. I was
> tempted to run fdisk/mbr but she didn't want me to, so I didn't do
> it. I do have another spare hard drive and want to swap drives to see
> if it actually is the hard disk. She had to get the ok from her
> husband before I did anything to it *rolls eyes*. Could this be a
> drive failure like I think it is or should I do something else?

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