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Re: windows xp desktop and start menu..gone!

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Did you try the last known good configuration, By pressing F8 and
selecting it. Just for fun.

Drew wrote:
> Hi All:
> I have a problem on a PC that I've never ran across before. System
> was running Windows XP with Service Pack One. I installed Service
> Pack 2. The installation seemed to work fine with no errors. When
> prompted to reboot, I did so. The computer came back to the logon
> screen fine where I click the username to log on with.
> After doing that, all I get is the custom wallpaper the user had set.
> There is no desktop, no system tray, and no start menu. Just the
> background and the mouse cursor.
> I can press Ctrl Alt Delete and use New Task to run some things like
> regedit, notepad, and even a 'cmd' prompt.
> However, explorer just doesn't seem to be getting started on the
> computer. I went to a command prompt via the New Task method. I
> verified that explorer.exe is in the c:\windows folder and that its
> file size and date stamp match those of explorer.exe from another XP
> service pack 2 machine that works fine. They match.
> I've also tried doing New Task and running "explorer", "explorer.exe",
> and even "c:\windows\explorer.exe". With each, Windows says that it
> cannot find the file, make sure you typed name correctly, etc.
> However, other stuff like regedit, appwiz.cpl, notepad, cmd work. I
> also have noticed that iexplore.exe also gets the not found error.
> These are the only two things that don't seem to work.
> Also, I can boot the computer in safe mode. But I get the same
> results. Log in screen works fine but explorer just doesn't start and
> Windows says the file isn't found if I try and run it from Task
> Manager/New Task.
> Can anyone advise? I've also been able to start Ad Aware and Hijack
> This via the New Task and have ran them. Both run cleanly. Any help
> is much appreciated!
> Drew

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