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Re: Turn computer off? Or leave on?
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Light Bulbs only blow up when you turn them on.

Computers have a higher tendancy to blow up when they are turned on.

Dunno, reboot if noticing slow sluggish preformance, Otherwise leave

I have a customer with the crustiest, old as dirt NT4 server. Whenever
I have to reboot it, I cringe, as I am always afraid it will never come
back up

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I turn mine off usually once a week and let it rest. I always schedule a
disk check during this time. Rest of the time the computer is left
on--basically works as a night light for the living room so no one falls on
anything. I personall don't think it makes much of a difference whether a
computer is left on continually or turned off every night after everyone is
finished. Personal choice I guess. The one time I absolutely would turn
the computer off regardless is during a lightening storm or bad

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