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Re: XP Firewall sufficient by itself?

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get zone alarm - even an old version will do - or sygate personal firewall,
both free, and relatively easy to configure. you don't need a router. you
can leave your computer running for days with the broadband connection on,
no problem.

or, with these firewalls, you can leave it running with all traffic on your
internet interface blocked - with zone alarm it's so easy, right click left
click, done, that i would recommend it if you need to shut off your AV auto
protect often to install stuff.

ZA or Sygate will stop everything --EXCEPT -- scumware of any sort installed
over your http connection to a website. remember, after you open that http
connection stuff that comes in over it is interpreted as a response to your
request. and so such things will also penetrate routers doing NAT. these
nasties include spyware, trojans, etc., from evil sites.

however, ZA and Sygate will alert you of said scumware if it tries to call
home. i can tell you absolutely that those two things work with very
minimal updates or worry, so i would forget the ms firewall for the moment.

an added advantage, learn to configure firewalls and you will learn to
configure filters on internet routers .

"smackedass" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:wk1ke.5465$(E-Mail Removed)
> Hello,
> Opinions, please:
> Is the XP firewall sufficient enough firewall protection, without using
> any other third-party products?
> Am only asking about firewall protection, not virus and spyware
> protection.
> Many of the new boxes from Dell, Compaq, and HP, that are running XP SP2,
> also have either McAfee Security or NIS 3-month subscriptions, and, apart
> from the virus protection that they provide, I don't know what the
> incentive is to buy a yearly subsription to either of these programs.
> I've been trying to figure out if Mcafee Security or NIS provide any
> better firewall protection than XP SP2.
> Then there the other products, most notably Zone Alarm.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks, in advance.
> smackedass

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