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Re: Floppy Problem

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Are you getting any lights on the floppy?
Try turning the cable around the wrong way on the floppy and you should get
a continuous light.
If you are then it is getting power. If it's not there are plugs that have
a female plug that will go into a regular BNC connector and give you the
floppy power along with a regular BNC connection. I haven't seen one for
years but I have seen them.

"smackedass" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:4Sc4e.3760$(E-Mail Removed)
> Hello again,
> Am working on an older NEC machine. The floppy drive wasn't reading

> I tried a different floppy drive, no dice. Tried a different data cable,

> dice. Looked at the BIOS, looked good, floppy drive A: was enabled, and
> set to 3 1/2.
> Unplugged the floppy entirely. It sill shows up in the BIOS, and still
> shows up in My computer, although when I double click on A: Floppy, it
> thinks things over for about 20 seconds, then says "A: not accessible, the
> device is not ready.
> Went back to the BIOS, disabled A: set B: to be 3 1/2 floppy. Plugged the
> floppy back in. Saved changes, aok. Booted back to Windows, Windows sees
> only A:, but as a 5 1/4.
> Went back to the defaults, A: as 3 1/2, reseated all of the connections,
> still no go
> What gives? I'm inclined to believe that the power supply is not feeding
> power to the flop, although the rest of the computer, every drive, seems

> be working ok. Or possibly a problem with the mobo? Perhaps the BIOS

> an upgrade, although I don't know if this computer would be willing to
> withstand something that invasive.
> Any suggestions? Thanks, in advance.
> smackedass

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