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Registry problem.

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>> A boot disk virus scan is one tool I have found to give to many false
>> positives for a system being clean .... and few run on NTFS volumns ...
>> that are a worth a thing ...

> I'm thinking between Fprot ands McAfee with the latest defs your gonna
> come out of DOS mode with a pretty good idea of your problems.
> Booting into safe mode and running your other tools then would
> be the sensible thing to do...
> You also got to consider how much time your putting in...
> Are you working on site???
> How do you propose slaving every suspect HD?
> Not arguing, just curious, because of costs factors this method
> could get expensive....

Actually, the time spent here is generally less; Takes all of 5 Minutes to
connect a USB ATA conversion box to a lap top and another 3 minutes to
remove the harddrive and insert it; particularly for those nasties that can
not be removed in safemode and are hidden from a boot disk.
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