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A+ Operating Systems

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hey again.. just wondering what your suggestions would be on study
material for the OS test. Im currenty reading A-I-O A+ certification by
michael myers/scott jernigan and my teacher subscribed me to Self Test
online. what other study materials do you think would be beneficial for
me to use? I just passed A+ core about 2 weeks ago and have jus been
reading and doing self test to study.

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sorry im also using testout as well.

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"Jason" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)
> sorry im also using testout as well.

I used the A-I-O as well, but after taking the Core exam, I didn't feel like
it would prepare me well enough for the OS. So I picked up A+ for Dummies.
I'm not usually a fan of the Dummies books, but this one cut out a lot of BS
and filled in a number of gaps for me. Unfortunately there are some "typos"
(I'd prefer to believe they weren't flat-out errors) in it. However, the
best way to really prepare for the OS is to take LOTS of practice tests.
There are so many little things that can be asked on the exam (command line
programs with various switches comes up a number of times) that it's hard to
find one source that goes over everything. is a good source
of practice exams. But if you just do a google search for free A+ exams,
you'll find a bunch of options.

Good luck!

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