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Re: adding wireless to a wired network

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NetGear WGT624 WAP

you can turn DHCP on and off with this router, it has 4 ports and runs at
108Mps wirless and wired with WEP and WPA encryption also with SPI and

the default address for this router is you can change this
easily to anything you want 192.168.1.*

"Drew" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Hi All:
> I'm getting ready to add a wireless hotspot to an existing wired
> network at a library. No file sharing is done on the wired network.
> Its basically Internet and printing only. The wired network has a
> DHCP server. Everything works well with the network as it is.
> The library wants to offer a wireless hotspot but at the same time
> they do not want the existing DHCP server to dole out the IP addresses
> to the notebooks and wireless devices that patrons will bring in.
> They would like to keep the DHCP server as only showing and assigning
> IP addresses for the library's own computers. This adds some extra
> security by keeping the wireless devices isolated to their own
> network. That should help keep any viruses or worms from jumping from
> the wireless to the wired network (which is clean).
> So, I think what I need is a Wireless Access Point that has an
> embedded DHCP server. And I would need to set the embedded DHCP
> server to hand out IP addresses on a different subnet. That is, the
> existing wired network is using 192.168.0.x network and I would want
> the wireless network I'm adding to use 192.168.1.x.
> The wireless access point itself would just be connected to the wired
> network and receive its IP addy from the existing DHCP server.
> Is my thinking straight on this? Can anyone recommend a wireless
> access point that has an embedded DHCP server that will allow me to
> change the IP range that is handed out?
> I'd definitely appreciate any thoughts, feedback or recommendations!
> Drew

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