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get_GenericSansSerif - "Can't find font '?'"

Chad Sanford
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I have some server side code that instantiates a font object that is then
used for generating a chart.

It has worked great on many machines, but I have run into one where it is
throwing a System.ArgumentException. From the documentation, that would
seem to indicate the font is not present, but since I am using generic sans
serif I have my doubts about that.

The offending line of code is:

Dim oFont As New
System.Drawing.Font(System.Drawing.FontFamily.Gene ricSansSerif, 6.0)

The exception's target is the get_GenericSansSerif method.

The only information I have been able to turn up on this problem is an old
thread on this newsgroup that concluded that "it was a security issue", but
no other explanation was provided.

Anyone know what is going on, and how I might fix it?

Thanks for any help,


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