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One from the Twilight Zone

Auckland NZ
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Here's the problem

A student brought his PC back as the sound would not work.

Looked in device manager no sound installed. Have had this problem
before, the sound had been disabled in bios. Rebooted and enabled
sound. Rebooted again sound card is found, just the drivers need to
be installed, or so I thought.

Used the install CD and get error software cannot be found, check the
CD no sound on the CD, faulty CD. Get a CD from my archive, one that
I have installed from in the past with no problems and try and install
again, get the same error!!! Check both CDs on another machine and
find that directory called sound is there!!!!!!!!!

Copy the Sound directory onto a portable device and plug into the USB
port of the PC. USB works and finds all the files on the portable
device EXCEPT the Sound directory!!

By this time I am pulling my hair out!! Check to see that the files
are actually on the portable device I plugged it in on another
machine, YES they were there!!!

Plugged it back on the problem machine and thought that I would use
CMD to get a DOS window and check the portable. Still no files,
though they would show up on numerous other machines.

By this time had numerous people throwing suggestions around, new
motherboard, use a PCI sound card, reformat, throw it out the window

There was one suggestion that came out that was strange but at this
stage I was willing to try anything, "Rename the Sound Directory and
see if that can be read". Renamed the directory to FRED and tried to
see if it was there using a DOS window, Yes the directory can be

Used explorer and the directory would show under windows. Installed
appropriate drivers and software. Got the dreaded would you like to
reboot window.

Rebooted and we have sound. That Windows boot music never sounded so
good. Probably be the only time that I enjoyed hearing that sound.

Has anyone else every come across this? Any suggestions regarding the
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