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Wireless Laptop loses connection

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Hi. Well, as the subject really.
A friend of mine has a a Belkin wireless router for his ADSL connection. He
also bought a Belkin notebook wireless pcmcia card.
Everything installs perfectly and the connection is great for a couple of
days. Then it drops and wont reconnect. I keep popping round and try
everything, but end up re-installing it. It again then works for a few days,
then gone, again.
Any ideas on how to keep the blinkin thing connected.

Many thanks


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Hi, thanks Linker3000. Do you know, after reading your reply, i have a
feeling that the card is infact Sitecom. What exactly is the problem
regarding them and winxp.

thanks again for you great suggestions


"Linker3000" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:41021817$0$7128$(E-Mail Removed)...
> TwisterFreak wrote:
> In no particular order:
> 1) Check the immediate vicinity for sources of interference: Cell
> phones, DECT (cordless) house phones, microwave ovens etc.
> 2) Try changing the channel of the Access Point
> 3) If using XP (2000?), delete 'Quality of Service Packet Scheduler'
> from the network setup
> 4) See whether you can untick 'use Windows to manage this connection' -
> sorry not near a system with a wireless card at the moment; maybe
> someone else can give the right term - this fixed a problem with the
> sitecom cards where they would work for a while until Windows' admin
> software 'dipped in' to check the card and knocked it off the network.
> 5) Look for a flash update for the Access Point
> 6) Ditto + drivers update for wireless card
> 7) Try another wireless card if possible
> Try another Wireless Access Point if possible

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