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Supplying Windows to Customers

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Here is a tip ... do what I do and pick up a 3 pack OEM of XP Home. 261 from
my vendor (who is really just an online retailer ... nothing special). Yes,
that's 87 bucks a copy ... but unless your customers want to play with Linux
that is the best you can do.

Also, I believe the OEM licensing scheme has been relaxed so that you can
merely "sell" a piece of qualifying hardware to sell the OS. A better
question is this ... if my vendor sells me XP OEM with qualifying hardware
.... do I need to turn around and sell the same hardware or other qualifying
hardware to the customer? I wonder why... since MS has already made their
!@#$ profit. Of course this isn't an issue when selling new machines with
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> I've been in the business of building bespoke PC's for customers for a
> couple of years. Never had a serious complaint about any machine I've

> so far, but folks often expect me to provide a copy of Windows loaded on

> system. Since I don't like to deal in pirated OS's, this means I need to

> a fresh copy for each customer. This adds considerably to the cost of the
> PC as XPpro or 2kpro costs around 100 ($200USD) at the very cheapest for

> OEM copy from an online store.
> Customers do not understand the benefit of owning their own OS disk, and
> often complain that systems from high street shops come with an OS loaded
> (although no disk is supplied).
> So, my question is, how do I fix it so that I can legally load an OS onto
> the new machines I build, without supplying a fresh OS disk to each
> customer?

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And derided by the boorish and ignorant. I'll certainly take it from whence
it comes. I've come to expect a grunt from a pig. lol.

"ImhoTech" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
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> "sAxmAn" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:5gSjc.507$JR.111@newsfe1-win...
> > Thanks for detailed reply. This has been very helpful.

> What? No wasn't.
> >Guess I'll just
> > stay doing what I do already - buy a separate OS for each customer and

> hope
> > they can understand the benefit of owning it.

> Um...lemme see...DUH?
> >

> Not only "The Blind Leading The Blind" but also the Blind being happily


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David Hough
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On most business systems, the customer is using a vertical application
package, be it POS or accounting or some other specialty thing. Your
software vendor quite often certifies his software on a particular OS
version. I am finding a lot of stuff certified for W2K. I,ll bet
better than 50%. Linux is a good OS! But you can't run MS software on it.

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