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Re: PC will only boot sometimes?

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when you boot the computer, does it go through the POST at all? Any beeps
or none? Is the computer a retail system such as one you would buy from HP
or Compaq or Dell or is it custom made? What Operating System is the
computer booting too? What is the wattage of the power-supply you are
using? What is the wattage of the supply that died? How did the supply
die--was it an electrical surge, or did it just die from age, or do you
know? Do you know what kind of motherboard the system is using? Have you
checked to make sure that the BIOS options are correct--primary boot
display, boot sequence, and so on. You mentioned you think it is the
memory--why do you think that? What type of memory is installed? Does the
computer have onboard video already preinstalled or does it use a video card
as the primary display adapter? If is uses a video card is the video card
PCI or AGP? Were there any problems with the computer prior to the
powersupply dying? What are the specs of the computer--type/speed of cpu,
type/speed of memory, motherboard model number, and any other specs which
could be helpful. The more information, the easier it will be to isolate
the problem.

"usp8riot" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> I am going for my A+ certification this winter, still need some time.
> But I am repairing my Aunt's PC just for practice and her psu was
> fried. I replaced the psu but now the PC will only correctly boot every
> one in 7-8 boots. It boots other times but I get no screen. And when
> that happens everything else seems to be working but the one fan in the
> rear. I've tried it with 2 monitors, and 2 video cards, so it's not a
> display problem. It's strange. I'm thinking it's the memory but have no
> other compatible memory around to test. I'm thinking the psu may have
> fried something more when it went out, perhaps the cd drive because it
> won't open and the light stays on all the time. I just want to know
> what anyone else thinks about it.
> Thanks
> --
> usp8riot
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