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Re: jobs @ Radio Shack

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>> What a load of BS. You expect corporate pay and benefits from a
>> Mom&Pop shop?

>Whoa, dude, what's with the attitude? $10/hour seems like a fare
>wage with my credentials? I mean, yes, it's mom&pop, but there's no
>way $10/hour is going to cover my living expenses. Try $14/hour at

I am a network analyst / network support guy (A+ and MCP) and, while I agree that we are worth
$14/hr, no company is going to pay you more because you need more. In other words, a company usually
has a budget for a position. They will find someone that is willing to work for that salary. If you
have a job and you ask your boss for a raise on the basis that you need more money for living
expenses, you wont get the raise. You would need to cite the added responsibilities you have taken
on or the project that you took on that saved the company tons of money. But never "I want a raise
because I need more money for my bills". A boss's response would be to get a cheaper apartment or
sell your car and buy a used one. That will solve your problems.

I am not flaming you. I am in your position. I am just pointing out that mom and pop can pay
whatever they feel it is worth it for them to have a computer technician. If it makes you feel any
better, the local CompUSA here on long Island only pays $13/hr and they pressure you to sell rather
than to repair but you get a whopping 1/2% of the selling price..

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