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Re: Modem Woes

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Sujay L. Nazareth wrote:
> Hello Everyone:
> Maybe someone has seen the following problem and offer advice on the
> same.
> Have a client with a 1.7 Ghz Celeron. MSI Motherboard. Onboard A/V/L
> . 256 DDR RAM. 56K Lucent Modem & Windows XP Pro.
> Client is having an issue with no dial tone. Line is fine. No Splitter
> involved. Phone Cable is fine too. Used different jacks at the
> client's site and now in my own office and problem persists.
> Attempted to get it to dial without waiting for dial tone, can hear
> the modem making the sounds like it' s dialing, but it does not
> actually use the line, just making the sounds. Replaced the Modem
> with and ESS and USR modem and same problem. Did a wipe and reload to
> see if there was an issue with the OS, and the problem persists.
> Now I have not seen this before. Possible Motherboard problem? Tried
> to re-sit the card in a different PCI slot but that did not work. I
> did connect a phone into the phone jack of the modem and the line is
> working. I am at a loss here..
> If anyone can help that would be much appreciated!
> Please contact me by e-mail at : Removed) (Removing
> the obvious of course) or reply here....
> Thanks!

tryed external serial modem ?
or usb one ?

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