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Turbolink Power Supplies

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Does anyone know how good quality-wise the 350-watt and 420-watt PSUs from
Turbolink are? I'm having a difficult time trying to find reviews on this

For the new system I'm getting, I'm trying to decide between the following:
1. Turbolink 350-Watt PSU
2. Turbolink 420-Watt PSU
3. Thermaltake 480-Watt PSU

I understand the Thermaltake has a great reputation but it costs a good deal
more ($80) to put it in to replace the 350 Watt PSU from Turbolink that
comes standard with the X-Dreamer case from Aspire. So should I do it or it
the Turbolink PSUs of good quality that I don't have to worry about? I
don't want a cheap PSU that will give me problems later on. Thank you.

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