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Help Making Decision

Tom MacIntyre
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On Tue, 16 Dec 2003 16:04:20 -0600, "Raymond"
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:


>You don't know what you are talking about. A Celeron is just a P3 or P4
>(depending on the clock speed) with a slightly different and smaller
>cache system. Fundamentally, it's the same CPU, and the performance
>difference between a Celeron and the P3 or P4 chip that it's based on is
>in the area of 15% to 20%, for which you get a cost reduction of
>typically more than 50%.

>I can get both systems if I can fix two of my server machines and give them
>to the guy that gives me the celeron and P3 for free. He wants my P2 server
>machine. However, I got these two P2 server machines from someone people
>that got these server machines infected or hacked into with a virus on their
>hard drive. I do a scan and found the infect files. I quarantined, then
>went ahead and format the hard drive of the P2 server altogether. Then, I
>tried to install xp os from the cdrom, boot from cdrom, it won't boot from
>the cdrom. Instead, it just keeps restart to the ram count sreen. I tried
>to boot from the floppy, attempting to use fdisk. It won't work either. It
>just keeps restart to the ram count screen and keeps restart, and restart
>forever. Anyone know how to fix this? I got only 12 hours to get the P2
>fixed and give them to the guy. Otherwise, I can only get one free P4
>celeron or a P3..

Why didn't you "mention" that in the first place?

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