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Upgrade a Novell Groupwise client?

Tony Sivori
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I had a residential service call today and after I quickly diagnosed and
fixed the problem on a seven year old Gateway P233 running Windows 95, the
customer asked if I could upgrade his Groupwise client because the
University server was about to stop supporting his current version.

I don't know anything about Groupwise other than it is a Novell program. I
admitted this to the customer, but said I would look into it if he didn't
mind my lack of experience. He had no problem with that.

How difficult is it to upgrade a healthy working groupwise installation?

BTW, I asked what version he is currently running and what version he
would be upgrading to, and in the true absent minded professor (which he
is) manner, he did not know what version he was running or what the new
version is. But he did know that his current hardware meets the minimum
requirements of the new version.

Should I stay far away from this or is it, assuming all goes well, point
and click?

Tony Sivori

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Tony Sivori
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Adam Leinss wrote:
> Tony Sivori <TonySivoriM$(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> How difficult is it to upgrade a healthy working groupwise
>> installation?

> I've done new installs of Groupwise and it wasn't all that hard to
> install. I assume the upgrade would work the same. I wouldn't, however,
> proceed until you know exactly what version is needed for his PC. Maybe
> try calling his university's Help Desk for that information.
> Adam

I hadn't thought of that, thanks.

Tony Sivori

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