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Re: Question about worm removal....cont'd

Tom MacIntyre
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On Thu, 09 Oct 2003 15:44:43 GMT, "jonny bravo"
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> AVG works great for me also... tell the outlaws it costs $50 ...put a cd in the puter( pretend to install) than download it free..
> get some of your money back...

I've had good success with AVG and AntiVir, as well as InnoculateIT,
now E-Trust's paid-for AV program.


> I no longer do comp work for friends or family (unless they have cash in hand)... These are the people
> who think that on your friday night out (if you got a minute could you look at my rig) is not work related.
> They will call you at 8am on a Sunday morning (cuz they know thats when your home) and tell you
> how junior was online last night (probly DLing Pron) and now the machine is on the fritz...
> Or after you tell them a hundred times let me know when they are getting a new computer...I'll hook ya up...
> They turn around and by a Dell or a crapway for 3 times more than you would have charged...(Well It had a warranty)
> But guess who they call when the dell or crapway screws up....(Well I thoought I would ask you first)...
> urrrrgggg OK thats my rant....
> --
> Jonny Bravo
> Some Do, Some Don't, Some Will, Some Won't...I Might...
> ---
> Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free.
> Checked by AVG anti-virus system (
> Version: 6.0.524 / Virus Database: 321 - Release Date: 10/6/2003

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Karl S. wrote:
KS>I have a laptop with Norton AV 4.0 installed. That old version doesn't
KS>seem to be supported any more, but I thought I'd toss out one question
KS>before I install a newer version...
KS>Is there any way to update the virus definitions in this old version of
KS>Norton AV?

Yeah, goto this site and down-loads the update.txt and yyyymmdd-vvv-I32.EXE files.
Read the update.txt file for more information!

I had to do this because LiveUpdate stopped working for my version, NAV 4.08, and I
refuse to update the new bloated software on Windows98SE!



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