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Re: Connection problem

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Have her check to see what else is running in the backround. If they have an older computer somtimes the cpu will hickup and disconnect. I hate win modems.
"Kathy" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:(E-Mail Removed)...
I didn't know what group to ask this question, so I will ask in both.

One of my in-laws is having connection problems. It supposedly started last week. She was saying that her son is constantly being disconnected from the Internet. Now she has several phones hooked up through one phone line, plus a Fax machine hooked up to the same line that the modem is hooked into. I told her that she shouldn't have the Fax machine hooked into the same line as the modem because that will cause the disconnections and also all of those phones hooked into the same line won't help either. Also noisy lines can do this I NOT right about all of this?

Well, here is my biggest pet peeve....she asked me what could be the problem....I told her just what I said in the above paragraph! This is what she said back to me.

Her : "Well, I don't know about that"

Me : "So far from what I've learned, I believe that could be the problem because I had the same problem until I disconnected my Fax machine from the same phone line as the modem"

Her : "I don't believe that is the problem"

Well, what gets me very peeved is when someone asks me a question and I give them the RIGHT answer when I am positive that could be the answer and they stand there and tell you that it isn't correct! Why bother asking me when YOU have all the answers when you haven't gotten a clue about computers! Sorry, I vented, but just wanted to let you know what I am dealing with right now.

Does anyone else have any other suggestion as to the disconnections?


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