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Re: Server+ Certification - worth?

Clint Kennedy
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Heh, I'm guessing/asserting:

A.) Teenager, and if not, a pitiful excuse for a rational adult
B.) Unemployed, and if employed, definitely a laborous shitty job.
C.) Feels proud of himself for taking things completely out of context as if
no one will notice, or furthermore actually thinks his ignorance is inferred
as an intelligent offensive.
D.) Demonstratable & undeniable ignorance
E.) Definitely will not be hired by any competent company, and if he is,
will be fired on personality alone within 1 month.

Kids these days. *sigh*

Before he claims to know it all he should try his hand in the real world.

"RussS" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:BMC1b.124421$(E-Mail Removed)...
> heh heh heh - get a frigging grip little boy.

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I hear ya Clint.

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Sorry to disturb you in your lover's nest.
Don't you realize, filthy faggot, that you are so anxious to bash Pikoro
that you spread your legs wide open for anybody?
This guy is a scam artist who thinks he invented the wheel with his
experience-based points and the good samaritan doesn't hesitate to run to
his embrace.
At least put a condom on your partner if you are getting ****ed by somebody
you don't know.
No wonder you are an AIDS carrier, lousy piece of ****.

"RussS" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:iyI1b.124702$(E-Mail Removed)...
> I hear ya Clint.

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ROTFLMAO! Thanks for the support.
There's nothing wrong with Higher Education, only don't expect it to work
miracles on a guy like this one.

"R.A.D." <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> Judging by the way you choose to respond with insults and rants,and your
> ability to pat yourself on the back, it shows what Higher Education is
> worth.
> "Wblane" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> > I received my degree in Computer Science only three years ago. I'm in

> regular
> > contact w/a member of the faculty at Cal State University, Long Beach.

> There
> > are NO, repeat NO core Computer Science classes that can be substituted

> for by
> > A+, MCSE, Server+ or any other certs you care to pull out of your ass.

> You're
> > an ignorant idiot who doesn't know boolean algebra from linear algebra.

> Any
> > shithead w/half a brain can get an A+ cert. The classes you listed have

> nothing
> > to do w/core Computer Science coursework you putz. ET, BTW stands for
> > Engineering Technology. As a matter of fact, some of the core classes in
> > Computer Science are purely mathmatical: involving things way above your
> > walnut-sized brain. Ever heard of inductive proofs? What about Karnaugh

> maps?
> >
> > >We are talking about State-approved College classes, I know nothing

> > >that **** in California you are talking about and couldn't care less.
> > >
> > >CET 2253 Applied Operating Systems, can be replaced by A+ OS cert.
> > >CET 2489C Networking technology, replaced by Network+.
> > >CGS 2263 Local area networking, replaced by Certified Novell

> Administrator.
> > >CET 2178C Microcomputer troubleshooting, replaced by A+ hardware.
> > >CGS 1510 Electronic spreadsheet, replaced by MOS (ex MOUS).
> > >CGS 1540C Database management, replaced by MOS.
> > >OST 2764 Word processing applications, replaced by MOS.
> > >

> >
> >
> > -Bill (remove "botizer" to reply via email)


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Yeah, yeah, I know you want me to get a grip on that stick and shove it up
your ass.
Can't you take no for an aswer?

"RussS" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:BMC1b.124421$(E-Mail Removed)...
> heh heh heh - get a frigging grip little boy.

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Hmmm, is this Pikoro showing his devious tendancies? I have found that
those who shout loudest usually have the least to shout about.

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You will se what my intelligence is shortly, lady.

"RussS" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:6nS1b.125094$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Ahhh, now we start to see your real lack of intillegence Pikoro. Like I
> have stated in the past - grow up a little.

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ROFLMAO - what are ya gonna do lil boy ... try to spam me into submission?
Fark boy - give it up and find a new hobby!!

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You are right here, dimwits, you couldn't stand an intellectual challenge
with me, and I'll tell you exactly why.
I am writing this post for the benefit of my colleagues in this
certification newsgroup, not obviously for you, because somebody who refuses
to acknowledge proof is a hopeless lunatic.
Supposing I were working on an associate's certification degree, would that
mean the end of the echelon?
NO, it would mean an automatic transfer to a 4-years institution, then to a
Bachelor, Master or PhD. Thus, in essence I would be working on an advanced
degree using the 2-years program as a launchpad.
Your crappy suggestion to go directly into a 4-years program is wrong simply
because for a certified tech. it is easier to get started on a 4-years
program by substituting his acquired certs. for classes in a community
college (re. my previous list).
Conversely, if I approved certain classes in a community college, I would
have all the training required to pass the certification tests, since the
classes are strictly based on the certs. curricula.
Therefore, at the end of my career I would have an advanced degree +
certifications, if you add experience to the mix then you have a proven
formula to land a job in IT.
Thousands of ads PROVE you wrong, anybody knows that degrees + certs. is the
best way to go and if you don't then you would be the only hiring manager in
the world to stand apart from this proven path, but there is a reason for
this, which I will explain below.
Now, for my colleagues that are still in doubt about this matter I will add
further proof to my already proven statements.
The following State-approved classes are offered in one of the top ten
community colleges in the nation and imply an AUTOMATIC transfer to
technical universities, who even offer scholarships to students that pass
Microsoft MCSE Associate in Science Major Code 21931
Microsoft MCSE Associate in Applied Science Major Code A019
Microsoft MCSE Technical Certificate Major Code 62384
Networking-Novell CNE Associate of Science Major Code 21932
Networking-Novell CNE Associate of Applied Science Major Code A020
Novell CNE Technical Certificate Major Code 62383
Cisco CCNP Program Associate in Science Major Code 21933
Networking-Cisco CCNA Technical Certificate Major Code 62387
Others are in the pipeline.
This *IS* the real world, miserable clown, not your hocus-pocus of
experience-based points.
It is true that you cannot stand an intellectual challenge with me simply
because I can PROVE you wrong and you cannot come with an ounce of proof to
back your statements.
This is simple: I say that certifications are being integrated into higher
education, you say no.
I submit proof "ad nauseam", you submit meaningless lunatic rants like "I
think it's neat how this genius conveniently skips over all of the valid
points we make and only responds to the most miniscule (shouldn't it be '
minuscule', Brainiac?) facets of our arguments, encapsulated in a peon
temper-tantrum cursory because he isn't getting his way and can't make a
logical case
against our points."
What is your logic? Where are your arguments? Bring 'em on!
I solemnly promise that if you can prove only one flaw in my logic and
arguments I will admit that you have proved me wrong. This is the
intellectual challenge you will never be up to, bitch.
The only proof you have submitted so far is Mme. Butterfly giggling like a
schoolgirl at your ridiculous gibberish, because she hopes that somehow she
will now be able to bash Pikoro.
The game is over, freak, I know that you don't have balls enough to admit
that you have been proved wrong, you could at least have the minimal decency
to shut up.

But hold on, people, there is more.
This punk is the same one that some months ago reinvented the wheel and told
everybody that he was about to revolutionize the way we do business with his
experience-based points. He was even recruiting authors for his new venture,
a website/dotcom that has now disappeared.
Therein this pathetic clown had a complicated table that showed how certs.
compared with degrees and how employers would trust more his
experience-based certifications than those offered by such negligeable
entities as CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, etc.
This is the reason why this lunatic does not agree that certifications are
being integrated into higher education, alas! outside his own personal
And then this imbecile has the nerve to say that what I write is
I have gone through what your "guesses/assertions" about me are, you weren't
even close, asshole, and you never will be, but I can PROVE the following:
Clint Kennedy is a hopeless lunatic, a failed scam artist, a thief and a
You didn't find any authors to help in the success of your dotcom, you
didn't hire anybody for your commission-based work, Mr. Hiring Manager,
because people were smart enough to realize who you are.
Maybe you could try as clown hiring manager and hire Mme. Butterfly?

"Clint Kennedy" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> I couldn't stand an intellectual challenge with you? Right. I bow down

> your complete genius. If only I could be as reasonable and logical as you
> are. Go get that associate's certification-based degree and show the

> who's boss!!!
> - Clint

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So submission is what Mme. Butterfly wants, huh?
I always knew that, pervert, but what you will get today is demolition.
My Mom already told me that I was taking too much time away from my studies
engaging in arguments with a hopeless freak. I have to end it now, vacations
are over and I will have to hit the books hard as from tomorrow if I want to
keep my perfect GPA of 4+ and continue being listed as an honor student.
I really want to make my Mom proud and my new responsibilities at my job are
also demanding, so I will have to kill you now. I will miss all the fun I
had getting your ass on heat, but your time is over.
I have already demolished and ridiculed your lover boy, you know, he will
never again be able to post in a newsgroup without people knowing who he is,
and now is your turn.
Basically, you are a psycho who needs to post.
You don't ask questions, in fact you don't have doubts, you are the
self-appointed guru of the newsgroups and feel a compulsion to answer
everything. You are not really helping anybody, just indulging in your vice.
The worst thing that can happen to you is when somebody comes along and
exposes you for what you are: a whore disguised as a nun; you feel that you
lose face in front of your audience and that your toy is taken away.
That is why you hate me so much, I expose your miserable self for what it
A demolition implies a proof, so here is my proof.
You didn't even analyze who you were associating with in order to try to
bash me, nor what this punk was saying; in fact you didn't even analyze
anything at all, you blindly approved and giggled like a schoolgirl.
What will you do now that this guy is busted and broke?
Admit that you were wrong? Analyze yourself? You are not man enough for
Most probably you will try to ignore reality, post some little imbecile rant
after this message just to save your face and try to get on with your life
and continue posting your endless ****.
I doubt that you will even have the minimal dignity to shut up.
Anyway, you are finished, lady.
Whether you admit it or not, who cares?

"RussS" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:Bs_1b.125493$(E-Mail Removed)...
> ROFLMAO - what are ya gonna do lil boy ... try to spam me into submission?
> Fark boy - give it up and find a new hobby!!

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