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Re: charging for trips during service calls?

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In article <(E-Mail Removed)>, David K
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> I've noticed there are some experienced repair techs here, so I
> thought I'd ask...
> I'm heading to a family member's office Tuesday to service an old
> system. It sounds like a video card needs replacing, but I'd like to
> check it out to be more sure.
> I'm planning on charging about $25/hour, since I don't have
> professional experience (comments?). I'm getting my A+ in a couple
> weeks or so.
> What's the best thing to do if I need to leave to make a trip to a
> retail store to pick up replacement hardware? It would be at least a
> 45-minute trip. Just charge extra for the hardware and try to be
> better equipped next time?
> Thanks for any comments.
> David

You can prolly charge for the entire time you are tied up with that
customer- including going to the store for parts.

Many other service type businesses do the same- air conditioning repair,
plumbers, electricians, etc.

But, you really have to look at what is fair to the customer- if you want
that customer back again...
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