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Re: cmos hot keys

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A BIOS upgrade might change it too

Lee A. Howard <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> i have recently started studying with mike meyers all-in-one guide
> and to help with the hands-on aspects i bought a compaq deskpro 2000
> with a pentium I in it...the machine sold for $15.00 without an os
> and only a hd and floppy ...i installed a new cddrive from my main
> machineand loaded win98 and it worked fine...tried to install a $5.00
> cd and make it work and uh-oh...i have tried to get into the cmos
> settings as mike recommends at boot-up but all of the hot-key he
> suggests don't work...question is: are there any key-stroke combos i
> am not aware of ? or am i just brain-dead and overlooking something
> thanx,
> easylee

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