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Re: help needed badly!

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just wondering if someone can help me .. i have just taken the 7262-24
equals city and guilds exam customer support provision and failed i
will be siting the exam on monday 7th july i need some help and info,
down to very poor teaching there were questions in the exam that i
knew nothing about..if someone can contact me on msn Removed) so i can discuss some topics i would be very
today is i am have a
> > > > > small problem i had taken the hardware exam and failed it by a
> > > > > question or two but the exam had nothing much to do with hardware it
> > > > > was on customer support for e.x identfy hazards and reduce risks to
> > > > > health and safety now that was one topic. but i am having problems
> > > > > understanding what remedial maintenance and i am going to retake the
> > > > > exam next week monday so if anyone can point out thing for remedial
> > > > > maintenance or anything else i need to know it would be a great help
> > > >
> > > >ok this is how it goes when taking the test they would'nt even tell me

> the pass rate when i got back my score sheet they would'nt tell me how many
> question i got right out of the 40 question i answer all i got was a sheet
> with a graph
> >
> > 1. dentify hazards and reduce risks to health and safety i got 45.5%
> > 2. i dentify hazards and reduce risks associated with ESD i got 57.1%
> > 3. apply, check and record preventive maintenance procdeures on
> > hardware/equipment in ict systems i got 77.8%
> > 4. identify failures with hardware/equipment in ict systems i got
> > 85.7%
> > 5. apply, check and record remedial maintenance on hardware/equipment
> > in ict systems i got 50.0%
> >
> > now i work it out by adding up my score then devide it by 5 and i got
> > 63.?% i work out some elses paper and he got 69.70% and passed so i
> > need to work on remedial maintenance also identify hazards and reduce
> > risks to health and safety then i should be fine
> > the exam was 7262-451 maintain equipment and systems level 2

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