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Re: CD-ROM's gone??

Tom MacIntyre
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On Fri, 27 Jun 2003 05:02:01 -0400, "SBFan2000"
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>Windows 2000 has just stop recognizing my CD-ROM, CD-RW and DVD-ROM!! I
>suspect a corrupt registry! Any ideas?? Have tried reinstalling drivers,
>tried removing cds and let windows redetect! Both failed!

If you're using Easy CD Creator and W2k or XP, it could be an
incompatibility issue. There are lower filters and upper filters keys
in the registry that need to be removed if that is the case. I forget
exactly where they are, but this can be found on the MS KB, and also
in HP's tech support pages. I talked a few people through the
procedure over the phone, and it's pretty straight-forward. It
requires the use of regedit, though. Step by step, one step at a time,
read the procedure over a few times first if you are not comfortable
with regedit.

Heck, I did a little search myself. If you need it, from Plextor's

"The resolution for these Error Codes is the same for both operating
systems. Completely remove the Upper Filters and Lower Filters values
from the registry keys for your operating system. Refer to Windows
2000 article number Q270008 or, for Windows XP, article number

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